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Adoptable Pets

If you are interested in adopting one of our pets below, please fill out the adoption application and let us know who you are interested in. 

Due to the large amount of interest we receive, we ask that if you do not meet the requirements for a dog, please do not apply. The requirements are in place for the dog's best interests, and we don't make exceptions.

SOCKS adopts to families in Florida, Georgia, Southern Alabama and southeastern Mississippi. If you are out of the state of Florida, you would need to travel to Florida to complete your adoption. Please note that we do check vet references and your current pets must be up to date on vaccinations and heartworm testing. Please be able to provide proof of purchase of heartworm prevention. All dogs and cats in your home must be spayed or neutered. We will not set up a meet and greet until your application has been received, reviewed, and approved. Adoptions are not done on a first come, first served basis. We will accept applications and then screen all and choose the best match. Only approved applicants will be contacted.

English Cocker Spaniel       
2-3 years old
Fenced yard REQUIRED - No exceptions

"Hi there! Are you looking for a new buddy to take walks and play with? My name is Storm and I just might be what you are looking for. I am 2-3 years old and weigh around 23 pounds. There isn't much to know about my past. I was picked up as a stray. There were a lot of mats in my coat. I was shaved down. Once my coat grows out, especially my tail, I will be even more handsome than I already am. I have lots of energy and love to play fetch. My foster mom (FM) says that I'm the best at bringing back the frisbee, ball or whatever she throws. Having a fenced yard is important for me to be able to play fetch outside and chase lizards. I'm really good at finding them. It helps me use some of my energy. Going for walks is great. I can pull on the leash a little when I get excited checking out the new things to smell or another dog. By the way, I heard that smelling things is very important and helpful for dogs. But I'm a good boy and try to walk nicely. FM is trying to teach me that I don't need to bark at other dogs when we are out for a walk. FM also says that maybe my name should be Hoover because I like to pick up things when going for a walk or even at home. I also need lots of toys because I like to chew on them. I have learned how to sit and we are working on some other skills. I'm pretty smart. If you spend time teaching me, I will catch on pretty quick. I go potty outside. But I do need to be let out periodically during the day. I get along with my foster brothers and try to play with them. But they aren't very interested in playing. It would be really great if my new home had another dog who likes to play or my family is really active and will keep me busy. I have to admit if one of my bubbas tries to get my food or treat, I am not very happy about that. Hey I never had toys and treats and good food so I want to make sure it's all mine. The only cats I've been around are the ones I see when going for a walk. It would probably be better if I were in a "cat free" home I think I would probably try to play with a cat and that would more the likely really annoy them. As was mentioned, I have a lot of energy but I like to cuddle next to my human and give kisses. . I like kids, but if they are very small, I might knock them down when I jump up to be petted. I've been sleeping in my bed, in my house, aka crate, but I think I would like sleeping in the big bed. It's nice and soft. The doc has checked me out. I'm up-to-date on my vaccinations, heartworm negative, neutered, microchipped and ready to go to my forever home. My adoption fee is $400."


English Cocker Spaniel       
10 1/2 years old
Fenced yard REQUIRED - No exceptions

Lily is a sweet 10.5-year-old English Liver Cocker Spaniel. She's a petite 20lbs. Her fur is silky smooth and her ears are as soft as a lamb's ear! She was surrendered from a breeder and is learning how to be a yard-loving dog. She loves to run around her fenced-in yard with all 4 paws in the air as she runs. She's up to date on all her vaccinations. She is moderately blind in one eye. Both eyes receive drops. She is getting much better at her potty skills. She can 'hold it' for 4-5 hours. She loves her feline foster sister and enjoys spending the weekend with another small dog. She has been on the sofa a few times but seems to prefer her doggie bed or the first floor of a cat tower! She is cat-friendly and good with children over 6 years old. She is practicing walking on a leash. The ideal home for her would be one with a secure fenced yard where she could run and play. Leash walking will be a learning process. Lily will love to be the center of your universe! Lily's adoption fee is $250.


Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkie mix)       
12 years old
Retired or work from home adopter REQUIRED

"Hi. My name is Clayton. That hasn't always been my name, but I think it is kind of cool. I am a little guy, under 7 lbs and around 12 years old. Everyone thinks I may be a Chorkie (chihuahua and yorkie mix) but for sure I am just a cutie patootie. Just the right size to curl up in your lap without making your legs go to sleep. I curl up like a little ball. This is my story. I was at a home with Hoomans who I don't think really liked little doggies. I had a little girl with me too. I heard the other day she has already found her new home. We were in a little cage and our hoomans just went away and left us. We cried and cried but they did not come back. We were very scared and very hungry. Then another person came and found us and took us to a place called a shelter. We got to stay in a nice lady's office. They cleaned us up and got rid of all the bugs that kept biting us. I think they were called fleas. I had chewed myself up because I was so itchy from them. We didn't stay at the shelter very long. We got picked up and taken on a ride to a place with a nice big yard to run in and soft beds and good food. I really liked it there. I got a bath and the nice lady cut off all my icky hair and mats. I felt so much better. Then I took another ride and ended up at a doctor's office. They took out all of those teeth which hurt so bad, and I only have 3 teeth now in my entire mouth. They also took some other parts off which is OK with me. I got shots and a microchip, Ouch! My left eye has a cataract but my right one is just fine, and I see really good out of it. Another nice lady picked me up, I met a lot of nice ladies, and told me her name was Mama Heidi. I really like her, but I wish she had more time to hold me. I tell her this all of the time, but she said she has to work and I guess I can understand that. But I have lots of friends there and a comfy bed and good food. And now I am ready to start looking for my forever home. I think I would like a home where I can have my mama or daddy home with me a lot. I would really like that. I am not picky about much but that is important to me. I want to be able to snuggle on a lap and hopefully get to sleep in the big bed curled up. My hair is still growing back in, but I will need to get my hair cut sometimes. I am still learning all about pottying outside but if you are patient with me, I will learn fast what your rules are. I do require a family who is retired or works from home so I have someone home with me a lot. My adoption fee is $250."

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